A Probate Judge take care of matters involving families and individuals from toddlers to retirees.  Here are some pictures of the types of people whose lives may be affected by the decisions that I make after I am elected.

These are people who mean a lot to me and are part of who I am.  When you vote for Probate Judge in August, you should ask yourself,

"Which candidate would my elderly grandmother or my autistic cousin feel the most comfortable with?"

"Who would I trust to make the best decisions for my family?"

Council Alaska Fish  Martha Eleanor   Joe Pat Prague  Quilt City   Micro Kayak

Family is important to me, as I am sure it is to you.  In the first picture, Helen, Joe, and I are fishing for salmon on the Council River near Nome, Alaska.  In the second, my wife, Martha, is standing next to the stature of Eleanor Roosevelt at the FDR Memorial in Washington, DC.  In the third, I am traveling with my stepson, Joe, in Krakow, Poland.  In the last, Martha is posing with one of her quilting friends.  In the last, I am kayaking with my dog, Hazel, on Lake Superior.

Eskimo Kids  Litle Boy  Helen Joe  Eskimo DC

Children are our future.  The way that we treat the younger generation determines the society that they will inherit.  In the first picture, I am with some Inupiaq (Alaska Native) children, in the next is a little boy from from Noorvik, Alaska, in the third are Helen and Joe Amiri, and in the last is a picture of Inupiaq high school students that I took to Washington, DC for a class trip.

 Amy  Sarah  Norm Bernie  Everett  Martha Norm

Special People are the reason that the Probate Court is important.  The Probate Judge makes decisions for people who are not able to make those sorts of decisions, including guardianships for developmentally disabled people and people with dementia, interpretting wills and trusts after a person passes away.  Included in these pictures are various friends and relatives.

Havana Bishop   Arcata Helicopter  Kotzebue Altar  Courthouse  Polar Star

In addition to legal experience, a Probate Court Judge should have Experience, Leadership, Compassion, and Moral Character  In the first picture is my wife, Martha, with the Cardinal of Havana, Cuba.  In the second is a Coast Guard rescue helicopter in Arcata, CA.  In the third is the altar at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Kotzebue, Alaska.  Note the whale baleen on the wall behind the altar.  In this last picture is the Coast Guard icebreaker Polar Star.